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Join the fun! And tell your dog's story, share what's best about owning your dog and how has your dog enriched your life.

This is a great opportunity to share how being a responsible and knowledgeable dog owner has allowed you to build a strong bond with your dog and how owning a dog has been an amazing life experience for you and your family.

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We would love to hear it all about you and your dog(s)…

* Is your dog your best friend? Tell us why…

* How does your dog make your life better?

* How does your dog show his unconditional dog love and loyalty?

* What do you do to keep your dog happy and healthy? Brag about it!

* Have you overcome any difficult challenges with your dog? Tell us how…

* Share your own tips for success as a dog owner.

* Your dog's adventures, stories and more....

We Can't Wait To Hear Your Stories !!

Your story will be your dog's own web page, so you are welcome to write as much as you like and include your favorite photo(s).

When you are done, you can share it with your family and friends.

They can also rate it and write comments about your story.

So... What's Best About Owning Your Dog?

What Other Proud Dog Owners Have Shared...

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My Daughters Two Best Friends. 
Well when I was a kid I never had dogs until I got older. Then I got my first dog and it was amazing. They are so loving and are always there for you. …

Pugsly My Boy 
Pugsly is an 8 yr ould pug who was diagnosed with S.A.R.D.S (a disease that causes blindness in dogs) two yrs ago. It started out.he has skin allergys …

The Road To Friendship  
This year was the first year we went on vacation without the kids, they have grown up and become too busy and too cool for family vacations, so it was …

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