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We utilize dog obedience training and behavior education to help you become the best dog owner you can be...

Our goal is to teach you and your family how to positively influence your dog’s behavior using dog obedience training and behavior knowledge as powerful tools to improve your leadership skills, understand your dog’s natural needs, and as a result experience the amazing joy of living with a dog that is well-behaved, friendly and happy.

These days, dogs play a more active role in our lives than ever before, they are considered part of our families and our communities; but the more we include them into our social lifestyles, the more we need to become better prepared and knowledgeable on how to help our dogs become well adjusted and happy social canines.

We know that raising social, happy and well-behaved dogs can be challenging, that's why we provide our obedience and behavior training services, many articles with helpful information in this website, free socialization hikes, dog behavior workshops, lifetime support and much more… all geared to help you achieve balance and enjoy the best of owning a dog.

“Our ultimate goal is to help establish a new generation of better informed dog owners who are capable of raising happier and healthier dogs, starting with their own dogs at home and then sharing their knowledge to raise awareness within their community so we can take the meaning of responsible, well-informed and committed dog ownership to a new level; and together build a brighter future for all dogs...”

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SOCIAL CANINE - Active & Social Dogs of LA

SOCIAL CANINE - Active & Social Dogs of LA

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Social Canine - Dog Obedience Training And Behavior Consulting
Complete Social Canine information; about our services and us.
Dog Obedience Training Advice
Great advice and information on dog obedience training to help you make informed training decisions.
Essential Dog Behavior Information
Indispensable dog behavior information and advice to help you understand, prevent and solve behavior problems.
Owning A Dog - The Benefits, Commitment And Responsibilities
Experience the best about owning a dog with these great dog information and dog care advice to help you become the best owner you can be.
Choosing A Dog That Is Right For You
Discover all the aspects involved in choosing a dog compatible with you, your family, your lifestyle, financial situation and plans for the future.
Everything A New Dog Owner Must Know
Here is how to become the best new dog owner you can be; responsible, prepared and knowledgeable.
Choosing The Best Dog Trainer
Before you hire a dog trainer, prepare yourself by getting this valuable information that will help you determine which trainer is the best choice for you and your dog.
Dog Safety – Accident Prevention, Emergency Preparedness And More…
Learn about the dog safety precautions that will help you protect your dog and others, including accident prevention, emergency preparedness, dog bite prevention, how to dog proof your home and more…
Spaying Or Neutering Your Dog: The Behavioral Benefits.
Learn how spaying or neutering your dog can benefit his behavior.
Recommended House Rules For Dogs
Learn how house rules can help you prevent and solve dog behavior problems.
Dog House Training Advice
Practical tips to help you make dog house training an easier task and get faster results.
Treating And Preventing Separation Anxiety In Dogs
Learn how to prevent and treat separation anxiety, using techniques that will help your dog understand that staying home alone is just another part of life.
Social Canine – Dog Rescue
Our dog rescue provides prospective dog owners with the knowledge, tools and support needed to make the best possible decisions along the dog adoption process and get the best results all the way thro
Adopting A Senior Dog … Why Not? Old Dogs Rule
Adopting a senior dog? Most people won’t even think about it, but when it comes to adopting a companion, old dogs are the best…
Dogs For Adoption At Social Canine
Meet our dogs for adoption and discover the great benefits you get when you adopt a dog from Social Canine.
Contact Us For More Information
Contact us for more dog training tips and useful dog information.
Dog Socialization Group Hikes by Social Canine
Our free dog socialization group hikes have been a blast, all dogs and their people have had tons of fun enjoying the outdoors and making new friends.
Your Dog Stories – What Is The Best About Owning A Dog?
Read the amazing dog stories many proud dog owners have shared based on their own experience owning a dog. Share your story and tell us how your dog makes your life better.
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Our local partners are a selection of highly recommended local services, products and dog rescues organizations.
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